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 why and with whom? 

Independent Consulting

We offer advice and guidance throughout the process of introduction and expansion with mobile robots. Our approach is staggered, but can be tailored to your needs and individual steps:

1. Exploratory Talk

An initial interview to record the local situation, exchange on the expectations and a first assessment of the possibilities.

The exploratory talk lasts between 60-180 minutes.

2. Conception

With the initial situation recorded on site and the preliminary formulation of the objectives, we will create a short concept for resubmissions and (telephone) discussions with you or the project manager. You determine the option for corrections or adjustments to the respective level of detail.

The concept takes between 20 minutes and 2 weeks to complete.

3. Evaluation

The evaluation of the recorded data as well as the performance indicators are compared to the concept. Again, you decide on the depth of detail and thus the scope of the evaluation. From the simple proof-of-concept to the complete feasibility study, we will reproduce the desired format.

Duration of evaluation is between 2 weeks and 2 months.

4. RFQ / Tendering

With the information collected, you will be able to formulate an example request for quotation or tender. Our support during the RFQ phase also includes extended selection criteria or characterization of the subsequent supplier evaluation and thus helps your technical purchasing to achieve the targets.

Depending on the scope of the project, the preparation of the RFQ takes a few days to 2 weeks.

5. Special Design / Integration

We help you to plan and implement the automation project with mobile robots. This can be quite an expense not to be underestimated in the individual adaptation of transfer stations, load units and other peripherals. Depending on the selection of your robots we will help you to bring together competent and regional integrators.

6. Service & Support

As a manufacturer-independent network, we speak more than one language. With the maintenance, repair and inspection of plants, we support customers of different profiles - talk to us for a reference in the industry that is relevant to you.

We seek the conversation with the direct initiators and try to give impulses and stimulation at the right moment.

Contact Person

Tom Weisz

Conception / Business Intelligence

Szilard J. Weisz

Coordination / Customer Success

Prices & Values

We offer our consulting services to three groups of clients; for detailed information, please click on the respective areas.


on request

We conduct the initial and advisory talks according to lead specification and definition of interests in cooperation with your field sales in the case of mobile robots

  • monthly terminable

  • freely configurable content

  • low cost structure


For an investment in automation with mobile robots, several questions should be discussed by the participants. We help you to keep track of the following important factors:

  • Market development and technology of automation

  • Exchange of industry-wide experience

  • Benefit from parallel developments

  • Identification of meaningful partnerships and cooperations

  • Social aspects of automation


Logistics planning -the dynamics between analogue and autonomous material handling systems
(PDF, 580 KB)


Mobile robots replace the automation with eg. conveyor technology?

No, the integration of mobile robots takes place with a number of other forms of automation simultaneously and side by side. For example, a fleet of robots can easily map out-of-core work processes in multi-shift operation without truncating the existing solution architecture.

With which factors is the ROI calculated?

We take into account the previously recorded costs per hour for the return on investment and compare these with the transport time reduction. In addition, we consider their individual key figures for the planning horizon and calculate the amortization potential of your investment.

How are grown infrastructures recorded?

Typically, an initial mapping is created using a mobile robot by driving the robot remotely through the halls and rooms. The map of your infrastructure builds up in real time and is therefore ready as soon as the route has been completed.

Is it necessary to charge the batteries?

Most mobile robots available on the market have an integrated battery level control and automatically locate the charging station as soon as a defined point is reached. Depending on the capacity and size of the fleet, this value can be adapted to the battery technology used.

How fast can you react in case of a fault?

Remote maintenance can monitor the basic functions of our robots, which is used for predictive planning of field operations. Nevertheless, the use in case of failure with short reaction times is essential. For this purpose, our contact persons from the Service & Support are available around the clock.

Which ongoing maintenance costs are there?

The running costs for mobile robots are very low compared to the range of applications. The frequency of transport orders determines the need for preventive inspection. The replacement of drive wheels, gas springs, conveyor rollers or belts is not cyclically required in contrast to the batteries.