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More than ten years ago, engineers inspired by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci developed the first small, yellow stretch robot LEO - which, in the meantime, is in no way inferior to its model with many patented and innovative features.

  • Model LEO

    205cm Wrapping Height
  • Model LEONARDO

    235cm Wrapping Height
  • Modification & Special Design

    Waterproof Conversion

The little, 
yellow Robot

Italdibipack Robospir

The smallest, mobile pallet wrapper in the world!

The first steps with mobile robots we made with the self-propelled pallet winder, called LEO or LEONARDO. Without a doubt, the Milan-made stretch robot is a special machine when it comes to space-saving pallet load securing. Only a shoulder width space around the load carrier is necessary for the independent work process.

  • fully automatic Wrapping process
  • only 75cm space required
  • favorable entry price


You are looking for a solution that is below custom but far above the standard of most providers?